Deterrents & Equipment

SEAMARCO has designed, built and tested acoustic equipment to safely deter marine mammals and fish from potentially dangerous areas such as those around offshore pile driving, seismic surveys, dredging and underwater detonations. The devices are meant to deter animals just for short periods of time over short distances from temporarily potentially hazardous areas, and are not designed to keep seals away from aquaculture sites. SEAMARCO offers 3 types of deterrents, each for a specific marine fauna group:

  • Acoustic Fish Deterrent (AFD)
  • Acoustic Porpoise Deterrent (APD)
  • Acoustic Seal Deterrent (ASD)

This equipment is both for sale and for rent. Please contact SEAMARCO for a brochure and a quote.

SEAMARCO can also custom-build deterrents and so adapt the equipment to the specifications of the commissioner.

Researchers can rent other equipment from SEAMARCO. In most cases power amplifiers and high-performance underwater transducers are rented.


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